Company Values and Beliefs

Jands values the stakeholders in the business, these being: shareholders who provide capital, suppliers who provide opportunity, customers who provide revenue and without whom there is no business and management and staff who use the above to build a customer focused, evolving and profitable company.

All have their respective rights and responsibilities within this framework, and Jands is totally committed to ensuring these are respected and honoured at all times

Jands believes that the stakeholders should be respected and rewarded in accordance with their contribution.

Jands values strong individuals prepared to work together for the best business outcome.

Jands values honest and open communication at all levels of the organisation, and requires that it is conducted with respect and in a professional manner.

Jands values creativity, innovation, and initiative. New ideas will be encouraged and will always be given due consideration.

Creativity, innovation, and initiative must coexist with the rules and regulations necessary for the organisation to run smoothly. The company also recognises the need for the rules and regulations to continuously evolve to reflect the changing requirements of the business.

Jands supports appropriate risk taking and understands risk taking will sometimes result in failure. Analysing the reasons for failure is a necessary and positive stage in the learning process.

Jands values excellence.

Individuals and departments should strive to be best in class.

The company promotes continuous improvement and will provide support and training in this endeavour.

Jands feels proud of its heritage.

Jands' has been built through hard work and passion and by taking a long-term view in major decision-making.

Jands values people having a strong work ethic who will continue this tradition.

Jands values integrity.

Jands promotes ethical behaviour in all its dealings with staff, suppliers and customers.

The company entrusts its assets in the hands of its staff, and in return expects its staff to treat its assests with respect and in an ethical manner.

Jands values a balanced approach to business.

Jands values professionalism in all aspects of its work and is happy for this to occur in an informal yet safe environment.

Jands will always endevour to accomdate the non-financial needs and requests of individual staff. In return Jands expects staff to value this consideration and respond in turn to the company.